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Fellowship Agreement

By accepting the STEM Ed Innovators Fellowship position, I agree to the following:

  • I will meet all deadlines for asynchronous work to be completed prior to Workshops.

  • I will attend all Workshops on time fully prepared with my highest quality work.

  • I will submit a digitized 3-5 minute “Window Into STEM Classroom” (WIC)  presentation of my highest level of quality and creativity by the deadline and present at the showcase.  

  • I will meet all program evaluation requirements including completing pre- and post- fellowship surveys, non-fellow colleague surveys, and student surveys.

  • I understand my stipend may be reduced or withheld as a result of not meeting these agreements.


By meeting the above requirements, I will receive:

  • Membership in a vibrant community of STEM teachers as well as mentorship and coaching from Master Fellows.

  • Development of  expertise using democratic teaching methods to align your curriculum with your State instructional expectations.

  • Have an opportunity to host a STEM Ed Innovators cohort in your state or region.

  • A $250 classroom supplies stipend, distributed after successful competition of program requirements.


I have read, understand and accept the conditions of this Fellowship:

By submitting my information for this form, I agree to the terms of this Agreement.

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