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What are alumni saying? 

Listen to an alumni describe her expierence with STEM Ed Innovators. 

"This program pushed me way beyond out of the box. It gave me new ways to look at things and ask questions and present things. I would definitely use everything that you showed us and what I got from the other teachers."

"This program boost my confidence in teaching."





This experience has helped me see other STEM teachers as partners in this, and I am able to reach out and bounce ideas off them and they can bounce ideas off me. Prior to STEM Ed Innovators, there wasn’t a structure for me to collaborate with other teachers. The only time I interacted with other STEM teachers was when we were meeting about standardized tests—never about improving our teaching practices. 


-       Nick, STEM Ed Alumni, Texas


STEM Ed Innovators gave me the opportunity to identify the problem
and ways to think critically using democratic framework for sustainable solutions in my classroom and lifelong learning.


Purvi, STEM Ed Alumni and Mentor, India

Typing on the Computer

Students Are Suffering From Low Academic Self-Esteem. Democratizing the Classroom Can Save Them.

STEM Ed Innovators encouraged me to enlist my students as co-designers of the learning environment; and it enabled me to go through the design process with students so that they could help create environments that were welcoming and affirming for them. After STEM Ed Innovators, my whole conception of my role as a teacher changed drastically. Each classroom is a new space filled with new students that can be co-designers and push me to become a better teacher every day.
-       Gina, STEM Ed Alumni, NYC

Impact of our Programs

STEM Ed Impact.png

During 10 years of in-person Fellowships in New York and Boston, the program had more than 300 teacher fellows and impacted over 100,000 K-12 students.  We are now nationwide and international! 

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