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Culturally Responsive and Sustaining STEM Course


Our online asynchronous course is available for STEM educators who want to redesign STEM classrooms by putting into practice the big ideas of culturally responsive and sustaining STEM teaching.

This course is research-based resulting in students having 
more academic dialogue with each other,  increased feelings of agency and ownership, improved critical STEM literacy, and assessment of STEM classrooms as more culturally relevant.  ​

This course is accredited with Adams State University as 1.0 graduate credit. 

Course Structure


It would be good to allow teachers to see what this work is all about so that they can see that teaching and learning is not just about standards, objectives, and a test score. And that's what I felt like the program did for me. It opened the door. Like I said, I always felt like Student Voice was important, but I think I was looking at it through a different lens.

I have gotten ideas on how to facilitate department meetings as well as content to bring back to my team.  The course has also encouraged me to have hard conversations about social inequalities and social justice with my team in order to better support our students. I started thinking about, is the curriculum I’m teaching culturally relevant?

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