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Our Approach

The JBF STEM Ed Innovators model co-creates personalized programs with each participant to meet one or more of the following goals:

  1. Develop curriculum aligned with equitable learning standards such as the NGSS

  2. Foster culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogical practices

  3. Facilitate collaborative communities of practice, centering on funds of knowledge of historically marginalized and under-represented communities

JBF does not stop at classrooms. We change how the entire STEM teacher development pipeline functions. Redesigning STEM education with quality, equity and belonging -- from pre-service STEM teachers to STEM teacher/leaders -- is vital towards granting future generations full participation in the modern world of STEM.

We achieve this by integrating the three pillars of democratic teaching: Shared Authority, Student Voice and STEM Criticality.

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Alumni Videos

Explore our Video Library to learn how various STEM teachers improved thier learning communities. Search via grade or subject area.  


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Additional Research

STEM Matters

STEM jobs in the Department of Energy are solving global issues. STEM professionals are reducing carbon emissions, cleaning water sources, fighting pollution, creating systems to recycle solar panels and plastics, fueling rovers to Mars, and much, much more.

Resources and Downloads for STEM

Explore ways to use STEM lessons and approaches to help students practice cross-disciplinary thinking and build skills in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Science and Engineering Jobs in the U.S.

Science & Engineering's infographic gives some of the highlights about job growth and salaries in the field of Science and Engineering

Teaching Scholarships & Grants

There are many scholarships and grants available for educators and those thinking of becoming educators. We have included details below on numerous scholarships that are offered in the United States.

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