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Alumni Videos

"Windows into STEM Classrooms" Videos

WIC stands for Window into STEM Classrooms. These short videos provide an overview of the How Might We question that alumni used to guide their work as well as the solution that was iteratively developed. 

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Grade Level

Elementary School 

Rebecca Hollyfield

Spring 2020 Kentucky 


Make distance learning more meaningful to elementary students.

Middle School 

Danielle DeBenedetto

Fall 2019 NYC

Share authority to level the playing field in  a middle school ICT classroom.

High School 

Armando Pecina

Spring 2020 Houston

Support high school students that feel isolated due to social distancing. 

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Student Voice

Sharon Fields

Spring 2020 Kentucky


Leverage student voice to increase participation during remote learning days.

Shared Authority

Sarah Christian

Spring 2020 Houston


Leverage shared authority during remote learning. 

Critical Literacy

Cenia Santana

Fall 2019 NYC


Create more meaningful lab experiences to encourage critical literacy practices. 

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General Science

Christina Rosenthal

Spring 2019 Boston

Increase student- community engagement during science instruction. 


Kyle Sevits

Spring 2020 Boston


Increase engagement and social meaning making in Biology class. 

Joytrese George

Spring 2020 NYC


Leverage Project Based Learning in Earth Science class during remote learning.

Earth Science

Living Environment

Joshua Wickline

Fall 2018 NYC


Leverage student interest through performing arts in Living Environment.

Bridget Gaitor

Spring 2019 NYC


Encourage students explanations of phenomena in Chemistry.


Physical Science

James Kostka

Spring 2020 NYC


focuses on how to put the "physical" back in Physical Science during remote learning.

Sharon Fields (Spring 2020 Kentucky) explored how to leverage student to increase participation during remote learning days.


Minjeong (Christie) Kim

Spring 2020 NYC

Build engineering mindsets during remote learning.


Nelandon Gregory

Spring 2020 Houston


Encourage transformational authority in  Computer Science class. 

Larisa Skaggs

Spring 2020 Kentucky


Incorporate emotional support into Math class during remote learning. 

Computer Science

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