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We empower teachers and students to co-create empathetic, anti-racist, and culturally responsive classrooms where all young people can master STEM in the pursuit of personal growth, economic opportunity, and a more just world.

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Democratic STEM Teaching

Democratic STEM teaching means student voices are centered and amplified in the classroom. Students come into learning with their own funds of knowledge that enrich the classroom. Classroom power dynamics directly influence how well students learn in a STEM classroom. This is especially true for historically marginalized and oppressed students.


Democratic STEM teaching reconfigures traditional classroom power structures - whether in-person or online - through innovative, justice-oriented teaching practices. Teachers are facilitators that share authority with their students; students are not simply vessels to be filled, but contributors to the learning and learning environment. The end goal for STEM students is to become critically literate thinkers who define problems and design solutions, ultimately creating a more just world. ​

Student Voice | Shared Authority | STEM Criticality

STEM Teacher Development

STEM Ed Innovators is "by teachers, for teachers". We help teachers apply our Democratic STEM Teaching Framework to thorny problems of STEM classroom practice. We believe how teachers learn and grow parallels how their students learn and grow; democratic STEM teacher development experiences lead to democratic STEM classrooms.


Teachers can take the thinking and practices modeled in the live workshops and use them in their classrooms. Ultimately this work becomes the foundation for teacher-driven systemic change in STEM education.

Why should students learn what teachers



Students' ideas and opinions are an integral part of growth and knowledge acquisition within a classroom. 

Interlocking Black Triangles

1. democratic stem teaching FRamework

Teachers develop a conceptual understanding of Student Voice, Shared and Transformational Authority, and Critical STEM Literacy.

Heart & Hands

2. Empathetic instructional design

Teachers participate in a six module structured design process to develop innovative STEMocratic solutions to problems of practice in their STEM classrooms.


3. windows into stem classrooms

Teachers deliver public talks about their successful development of Democratic STEM Teaching practices, highlighting how their students will use STEM in service of a more just world.


4. stem ed innovators network

Teachers join a rich network of STEM Ed alumni dedicated to sustaining dialogue about Democratic STEM Teaching and recruiting promising new Fellows.

Democratic STEM Teaching Programs

STEM Ed Programs Overview (16).png
STEM Ed Programs Overview (15).png

Teacher Fellows

Our Teacher Fellowship is a community of practice for STEM educators to understand, apply, and improve Democratic STEM pedagogy.


Join our free Design Dash Workshops to work with other teachers to apply our Democratic STEM Teaching Framework to problems of practice

Online Courses

Our anytime, anywhere mini-MOOCs help teachers to implement key elements of the  Democratic STEM Teaching Framework into their pedagogy. 

Mentor Fellows

Our Mentor Fellow program is a community of practice for aspiring STEM teacher leaders to lead a cohort of Fellows through the Teacher Fellowship.

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