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STEM Ed Innovators Mentor Fellows are successful graduates of our STEM Ed Teacher Fellowship program who have developed skills in the design of STEM learning through the Democratic STEM Teaching Framework, protocol pedagogy, facilitation of adult learning, as Apprentice Mentor Fellows.  

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STEM Ed Innovators Mentor Fellowship


What we ask

THE CHANGE STEM Ed supplies the facilitating Mentor Fellows, design frameworks, collaborative structures, and inspiration you need to democratize your STEM classrooms. Our Fellows bring the passion for innovation, a track record of effective teaching practice, and commitment to our Fellowship.


  • Be affiliated with be affiliated with a K-12 school

  • Have at least two years of STEM teaching experience (including the current school year)  

  • Successful gradate of STEM Ed Teacher Fellowship

  • Commit to completing the expectations of the program  to receive a digital certificate and gift certificate

  • Teach full-time in the current academic year, with at least 50% of their classes in STEM subjects preferred

Fellowship Structure

  • Co-Leadership of Asynchronous and synchronous

  • Six Apprentice Mentor Fellow learning modules

  • Co-facilitation of seven two-hour online Workshops

  • Coaching at Office Hours session

  • Facilitation of STEM Ed Showcase and Graduation event

Time commitment

  • ~10 hours per module

  • 3-4 months depending on availability of teachers

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