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The STEMocratic Design Dash

During a STEMocratic Design Dash, STEM teachers engage in a structured process to collaboratively design innovative solutions to thorny problems of STEM teacher practice. It's the STEM Ed "Fellowship in Flash". Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities to purposefully design democratic learning environments for STEM students in a remote setting are vital. 

  • Do you struggle with remote learning?

  • Do you want to understand how to make STEM feel "real" in a virtual environment?

  • Do you want to provide better social-emotional support to your STEM learners?

We encourage you to join us at our next Design Dash to develop innovative solutions to these vexing questions! Additionally, we offer Design Dash Workshops "on demand" for districts, schools, or self-organized teacher groups in need of a process to effectively meet student needs in our "new normal".

Full Fellowship

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Design Dash

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