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STEMocratic Design Dash and Fall Fellowship

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Inequities in quality education limit the access of American public school students to tomorrow's job opportunities that increasingly require STEM literacy.


The STEM Ed Innovators Fellowship is an online, mentored, professional development program for STEM teachers, offering breakthrough STEM teaching principles for immediate deployment in the classroom.

STEM Ed Fellows become more self-assured in teaching, increase their professional empowerment, benefit from an experienced mentor, learn from a talented community of peers, and develop confidence in their ability to achieve better outcomes in their classrooms.

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STEM Educators!

Encourage and grow your students’ love of STEM subjects

Become a leader and innovator in STEM Education

Achieve equity in your classroom

Become a STEM Ed Innovators Fellow!
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Windows Into Classrooms

Videos of democratic teaching applied to a problem of practice by STEM Ed Fellows

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STEM Ed Innovators is driven by the vision of Dr. Jhumki Basu, who believed high quality STEM education is key for kids at-risk to become responsible citizens.


“Central to my work is the belief that a diversity of youth should gain expertise in scientific knowledge and learn to think logically, investigate original questions and innovate in ways that fulfill needs in their lives, community and world. “In my research I am most interested in investigating ways in which young people from low-income, minority backgrounds, who are deeply under-represented in science, can gain access to a quality education in this field.”

Dr. Sreyashi Jhumki Basu

Associate Professor

New York University

November 2008

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